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<Ws> Just started to build this part of our website. Continuing to learn HTML. One day this site would be built nicely.

<Ws> It's now 1:21am in the morning. I've been updating this page many times. Learning more each new day. :) Hope }{oly can help me do a little design for this homepage...
3:08pm in the afternoon now. Just revisited my site, going to play CZ and source code. I need ideas to improve this page and I am trying to think of some. Hope I can update this website at night after playing computer. Btw, exams are over!

<Ws> Just got a pull-up bar! At last! I also bought gloves for exercise. Can you believe it ¾ the pull-up bar cost me $19.90 but the gloves cost me $29.90! Probably the gloves are of a good quality, who knows? Anyway I spent the night looking for the exercise items, so I couldn't update this page at night which I actually promised myself to. }{oly just lazy to help me build this site, keep on playing CZ, so everything here is done by me.